Cheyenne Kimball

Cheyenne Nichole Kimball (born July 27, 1990 in Frisco, Texas) is an American singer-songwriter/guitarist. When her parents bought her a guitar, at age seven, she taught herself to play. She is signed to the Epic Records roster. She appeared on and won the TV show America's Most Talented Kid at the age of twelve. She released her Epic Records debut album, The Day Has Come, on July 11, 2006, with her first single and video, "Hanging On", sent to Top 40 mainstream radio and video outlets (VH1 and MTV) in early April 2006. She began her first cross-country tour on April 17 to promote her single and album. To further promote her music, she has an MTV television show called "Cheyenne", which premiered May 31 at 10:30 PM EST in the United States. The show later premiered on June 21 on the same day and time in Canada. She also appeared on the Aquamarine movie soundtrack with the song One Original Thing. She released her second single, One Original Thing, in October 2006. She has also released the iTunes exclusive single Drift Away. On December 5, 2006 Cheyenne's reality show DVD was released. Cheyenne's song Four Walls will be the third single in January. She will record a second album in Nashville with her band. Cheyenne performed in the 2006 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade singing "Four Walls". She will be making a video for her next single "Four Walls" in 2007.....

Backing Band:

* Ethan Roberts - Guitar, Backing vocals

* Joey Clemente - Bass guitar, Backing vocals

* Kevin Hastings - Keyboards, Backing vocals

* Dave Krusen - Drums